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Entry Re: 1

[Edward Elric: fronting]
-minor FMA:B spoilers-
Using the color blue because can't choose what other color to type in yet. Was in the form for an entire day, saw two army guys in a mall parking lot that reminded me of home. Host will probably be back out before tomorrow or during tomorrow if possible.
Been getting used to this world, some of the electronics are strange to me because where I was from there wasn't instant communication apart from phone lines. I find it odd that I'm a fictional character here and I read ~90 pages of a book with myself in it (not a manga) that seemed like fanfiction but I liked it. Also due to my younger brother being in the condition that he is, he co-fronted with me while I was eating meals in host's form earlier because he wanted to taste the food here and host is in astral essentially situated in his armor because he's hollow and wanted to hug them. Just find it odd that my source material here has only mentioned physical alchemy and not mental alchemy which includes astral projection but then again that would have been more complicated for them to explain.

[Ken Kaneki]
Quick note here but I'm putting 're:1' since the previous blog entries got deleted and it's something that references my source material. Not really fronting but am always in the mind space.


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    So a few of my blog entries got deleted, which isn't something I mind...

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