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Explanation on Foxy.

Foxy is an anthropomorphic fox (red fox possibly) from the Roblox game Piggy. He wields a knife, as well. He went through two designs, his old and new one. I don't really care for his new design, so his new design is not me... If that makes sense. My backstory is somewhat explained, my anonymous "friends" locked me in a cage likely because I was in the process of turning infected. There are two separate theories on what happened to me, aka the most well known. The only thing we have our two notes from me, and TSP.
Why did my friends leave me in here?
Do not open, monster inside.
Here are the theories.

1: TSP, or The Silver Paw left me in there. Since there is a note in front of Foxy's cage claiming well, he's a monster, makes being's presume they took me in there and infected me themselves.

2: Zizzy and Pony left me in there. This is the older theory. Since at the end of chapter 8 (where I appear) Zizzy and Pony are there, many beings presumed they took me in there, and they both were close friends of mine. But noticed my behavior became more aggressive because I was becoming infected.

There are more theories on why I am in the cage, but for now, here are the basic ones.
Fun facts on Foxy!

He has the loudest theme in game. It's Creepy by Bensound slowed down.

His two pupil colors are different, white and cyan.

His pupil sizes are also different, not to different though.


In chapter 8 he is a bot no matter what game mode, he is programmed to walk around in random directions and not immediately attack the player unless touched.
That's all, I hope these were helpful.



This is Pony and Zizzy by the way.


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