My eyes are always something that I have linked to my alterhumanity. It's a symbol I used for my nonhumanity, eyes with black sclera and reflective white pupils. My eyes being wrong as a human is one of the first things I experienced.

I've always had that habit to forget to say hello when going to see people I already know. It's not to be rude, it's mostly because, like some of my closest friend ended up noticing, I do it by very subtle body language that isn't very perceptible. I give quick head nods, I stare at them in the eyes for a few seconds, to me it means "hey, i'm happy to see you". Recently, I discovered a behavior known in bird keeping was eye pinning. It's when a bird widen and narrows his pupils several times. It seems that I've got this behavior as well. I'm not sure whether roadrunners do have that characteristic, but parrots are the one I've mostly seen it in. I did see it in at least one other bird not affiliated to parrots though, so there's a good chance it's a thing. That or it might be one of the numerous avian dragon things ahah. But yeah, it's definitely what's going on when I stare at people to say hi, I think.

Another interesting one is the draconic folkloric characteristic of inducing fear through the gaze, or even poisoning or killing with a stare (which is the most known in basilics and cockatrices, but appears in other european dragons). I've always felt as if my eyes had that sort of power, it even made me question if I had ocellus for a while.

(old blog. That one is still not completely solved.)


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