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Fictionflicker questioning and conclusion

I'm not sure if other members of these forums experience these, but I have acquired a flickertype after some time being exposed to a specific game and had both the experience of having memories along with identifying as my flickertype (which I'm not entirely sure counts as shifting or not). This isn't something I see being talked about a lot, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to bring this up here.

By the way, I currently don't have a very satisfying explanation as to why such a thing happens. Since this isn't very talked about, I will explain how this experience feels like to me briefly and it's probably similar to other self-identifying fictionflickers and I'm going to explain the whole process that resulted in me concluding that.

1. I started basically playing a specific game normally just like any other regular person. Nothing unusual so far. There were characters I loved, some that I liked, a few that I didn't care about and one that I hated. For the sake of keeping things simple, I will say that this character is Sou Hiyori from Your Turn to Die (the one in my avatar, to be precise). So far, nothing abnormal seemed to be happening there.

2. Around two or three months after playing the game and having interactions with the fandom, I recall being quite embarrassingly vocal about my hatred towards this character during this time and it only grew as I got to know more about him. The issue was that he was becoming a little too relatable and too similar to me. Despite acknowledging all of this was a bunch of coincidences, I started to hate the fact this character existed. However, I had experienced a brief moment in which I felt like I was mentally teleported somewhere else. I could feel the environment around me changing from hot to cold, it was dark and... I'd rather not get into more details about what happened. I was confused at the time and I was strangely unable to think of Sou as being someone else. I truly believed that there was no me and him, but that I was Sou at the time.

3. After this experience, I started to look for help within the alterhuman community, trying to get some guidance and to find a name for what that is. I questioned being fictionkin, fictionlinker, fictionhearted... And fictionflicker seemed to fit the best. Here's how the whole process went:
a. Why is it not a kintype?
- I had no previous memories or other experiences related to having a kintype until I got in contact with the source material.
- There was a delay between the moment I got in contact with the 'type and when I started to experience alterhuman-like things towards him.
- My reaction towards the events and the other characters in the game didn't match with the 'type's interaction with the source.
- I didn't always identify as my 'type.
b. Why is it not a linktype?
- I didn't choose to identify as my 'type and I cannot imagine myself ever voluntaring to do such.
- Every time I chose a linktype, I had a goal in my mind. Maybe it wasn't always something I was fully aware of, but I never identified as any of my links because I felt like I'd be lying to myself if I didn't.
- The maintanance or disappearance of my identity as my 'type is out of my control.
c. Why is it not a hearttype?
- I hate my 'type.
- I don't want to be my 'type.
- I'm not even obsessed with my 'type.

After eliminating the other options, I managed to figure out that I actually did fit with fictionflickers best. I started to experience shifts, memories and identity related with my 'type after the consumption of the media he is in. These shifts were pretty strong and intense. Also, it was temporary and I could live very easily without thinking about what happened. However, sometimes when I remember this character (with or without external causes) I have a chance of reexperiencing these things. Probably a funny thing about having this flickertype is just how deep it appears to be despite not being there all the time nor being as integral as a kintype. I still do feel like this identity is part of my core or very close to it which I assume to be the result of me relating with the character, although I have to say I did relate to other characters as well without this part, so I have no idea about what causes such thing. I'm kinda curious to since I love things related to psychology and how the mind works. I don't think this is a kintype, but I'm pretty sure it is alterhuman-related and I honestly wish there were more discussions about it because having fictionflickers isn't the same as relating to fictional characters.

This is what I have to say, for now. Might get back to this topic later.


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