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Figuring out my species

So, I am more inclined to finding the way I look; pictures, art, picrews, etc. I notice that I might see a picture, of a wolf for example, and think 'that's me'. And then I can match the phantim shifts I often feel to those images. But at first I have no clue what species I actually am.

At least with some of my kins, like the cross fox and spotted hyena, they're fairly easy to get from the image, being fairly recognizable. The wolf one on the other hand has been much harder.

I'm still not 100% sure, but from the research I've done so far I think it's at least pretty close-

This was the first image of my wolf kintype that I found and is still the one that resonates with me the most. So I managed to find that it is actually a Yukon wolf, a subspecies of grey wolf.
I did some further research to where they live and it seems to be right!


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