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Finally getting to see my granny (grandmother)

Please forgive if i make extra mistakes here, I'm a bit of a tipsy elf this evening...

This pandemic has really been a pain to everyone as anyone can imagine...people im sure (by people i mean, humans) have missed parties, friends, ect...but i have missed the most, my granny. My granny is probably one of the only humans i could ever be real with...she's my everything if i am being honest. She's supported me and helped me through everything...

I had not hugged her for an entire year since this all started. I had only had contact with her through zoom calls and a glass window...when i first hugged her, felt her loving warmth on me for the first time in forever...thinking about it is making me the gods how I have longed for a hug from my grandmother...

suicide trigger warning here:

through the pandemic i was actually very suicidal...still am in some ways. I just actually this month went a whole month without self harming or a thought of suicide...but by gods the urges to hurt myself were so high...I thank my grandmother for helping me...i could just give her a call and she'd talk to im glad cuz now that i can see her again like normal (she was vaccinated btw), she can come get me and i won't be so alone...

she reached out and helped me more than my own parents ever did. I came out to her as otherkin, goth, a kemetic, a witch...she didn't care. She still loves me no matter what...

that love really has kept me going...she's encouraged me to get my lisence, pushed me to keep my job, to save my money, to be the woman i am today...I thank her so much for that. When she hugged me 2 days ago (thats when i saw her), she even said "my beautiful, elven granddaughter". I'm crying now...

I am so fortunate to have her, as I know others don't...I hope that i make her proud and happy just as she makes me...


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