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finding a name he feels comfortable in

My boyfriend is a vampire, some of you know that already...but if you don't..theres your context.

Names i feel are very important to a person. Having a name that you feel fits you well and matches your idenity is very important. I was lucky enough to be given a birth name i love a lot and i feel matches my personality and my elveness. Hehe. But, i know that some otherkins do not have that same privledge and that makes me very sad. My boyfriend, is a product of this.

We met on a goth fourm about 4 months ago. Two young, broken and gothic lovers feeling so hopeless that nobody would pull them out of the cracks...and if we only knew...

When i saw him on there, his name was "Vlad", i thought that was interesting so i messaged him a hello greeting. He replied back within a week and for a month we talked on there, then we moved to snapchat and from there on out...bam, we are now dating. He even moved to my city for me. You can't fight "to be" love. He has often told me he has waited centuries to find me and now has and will not be away from my any longer. I think its quite cute...isn't it?

Anyway, once we talked on snap, i noticed his name on there was Vlad too. I asked him if that was his real name and he said with a sadden tone "No.." A tone of uncertainty and the answer was really yes but he couldn't feel like he could say yes...he didn't know it was a yes untill he met me.

When i came out to him about being otherkin and explaining to him what that was like, he was very facinated with it and wanted to know more. I posted a fourm about my suspcions of him being a vampire and guess what, i was right. I knew i was. He was able to go into detail about past memories and death. He said he is able to get a long with everyone of every age. He says he knows, (but surely, I am certain its really remembers) a lot of things from all kinds of areas. I have said this before, but he is able to talk about the real Vlad Dracula as if he knows him. I'm not sure anymore if he was him, but maybe they were once aquainted.(more of that another time, yes?)

He finally after a while, recently, told me he has found a name he likes the best. And that name is; Vladisluv, which is a powerful slavic name. Slavic culture, as well as romanian culture is very in depth of vampires. Vampires of course are everywhere...but name orgin and actual orgin come from there. Vlad is actually Scandinavion (if i spelled that right), a viking. A direct decent from them. But, he said he wants a powerful vampiric name to feel himself. He still very much so exspresses his viking culture and practices the olden relgion..

He wanted to change up the spelling a bit so he could be the first "Vladisluv" It s orginally spelled Vladislav. So, one small detail...doesn't hurt a thing really. He wants his middle name to be Dracula, after of course....Dracula..He doesn't know if he wants to be Dracul or Dracula. But, it is his icon, the vampire who made him realize he is one.

I am so happy he has found a name that suits him well, I still call him "my dracula" or Drac. He now wants to either be called Vlad or Drac by people. He feels much more safe about it and has thanked me for realizing who he was and helping him find his name...i just told him, i didn't help you find your name. You helped yourself, by finding me.

sorry for the errors, as always -Fahteyah/Lamaryn


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