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Finding my identity...

How I came across the idea of angels on earth.

It all started one very sunny day. I had just had the craziest dream, and decided to share it with my best friend, Alec. At the time I thought it was a harry potter dream, though it had little to do with the latter. I was in a large, university like building. (check out some photos of Oxford university or Durham University, you'll see what I mean). It instantly remind me of home, which now looking back is weird, mainly because I don't really feel at home anywhere. But back to the story.
I had massive white wings, a common theme in my dreams. The most weird thing however, was the fact that Alec was in my dream. I rarely have dreams starring people I know. They had similar wings in everything but colour. Their wings were raven black. I remember being told that what was to come was far too dangerous, and that the world needed me and Alec. I left later on a sort of mission, I am not quite sure what it was though.

When I wanted to tell them the dream, Alec looked really shocked. We then found out that we had had the exact same dream. On the same day!

I think I should tell you a bit more about my relationship with Alec. When we met, it seemed like we had both known each other forever, although we had just met that day. We later found out that we were born on the exact same day. Our zodiac signs are all the same, except for the rising sign, which is different due to the time difference. Since that day we have been getting along like a house on fire.

Which was all the more reason to be surprised. Of course their dream was slightly different, but that was just because of perspective change.

Some time later I discovered the idea of star seeds, which was very interesting to me, because of the fact that I do not feel at home on earth. Recently I discovered the term Otherkin, and instantly something clicked. I am an Angelkin, that is how I identify. Alec started identifying as fallen angelkin. We knew each other in our life in heaven.

I started remembering facts about my life in heaven recently, like my choir, the dominions. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.





Do you think that Alec is your soulmate or twin flame?
I think they might be either of those. I can't really tell yet xD
I know that we have a very deep connection. After that time we have had more shared dreams, and often one of us can tell what the other is thinking about. We even had a situation where we were writing mock exams, and had to chose between writing a story or an essay. Not only did we both write a story, we also wrote it on the same topic.
I often joke that we have a cord connecting our souls to each other. Who knows, maybe it's true?

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