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Finding out alot of details for my 2nd theriotype.

So i recently found out my 2nd theriotype which is Merkin/Memaidkin! So now i have to give my second theriotype a name, type of mermaid, pro nouns etc. So all i know is that my 2nd theriotype pro nouns are she/her and she is aro/ace but that is all i really know. I havent told my friends about it yet because i think it might be too soon. Like i love warm temperatures and i hate the cold personally so i might be a tropical mermaid i need to figure that out on my own. Personally i dont want a mermaid tail because i know me i would feel restricted in it and feel like traped possibly. Like i want to feel natural. I personally love ponds and creeks but then again i love the ocean and nature in general.


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