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So we live in a flood plain. San Antonio, smack-dab in the middle of Flash Flood Alley. Thanks, Balcones Escarpment.

It is storming today. Supercell thunderstorm, meaning lots of rain, and risk of hail and tornadoes. Lots of lightning and thunder. We're lucky to have not lost power just because of the flooding. We already have a flash flood watch in place from the NWS.

My stepmom left about an hour ago to take my siblings to their dance classes. She just called me to let me know that she is not coming back yet, as she normally would. It took her thirty minutes just to turn around on the highway because so many people made a similar choice. It's dangerous. I am worried. This is quite possibly the worst flood we've had and it came quickly. I can only hope all my family returns safely. My dad is out of town for a symphonic concert he's playing in. He'll be back late tonight if all goes well.


This sucks. :frown: I hope that you and your family stay safe and everything goes well.
We get flooding here when it rains really badly. And we don't have the dryness of Texas to help. I hope some of that dryness makes it a little better. Most of our yard floods in the rain.
Update: she's home safely with my little brother. Sister's staying at the studio because she has Girl Scouts.

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