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Foxy rambles about songs that remind him of Piggy.

Yeah, you read the title. I'm rambling about songs that remind me of Piggy or myself, as in my fictotypes. Let's start!

*breathes* MASQUERADE! I CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW PERFECTLY THIS FITS US INFECTED! If you haven't heard this song, go listen. N o w. Especially the "seek them out one by one" line. Look, infected don't really seek, we are bots in game obviously, so we are programmed to know where players (every player) are at all times, and attack the closest near by. Book 2 isn't the case in that though. But you guys know,,

Hyperdontia is a pretty good one to, "I don't want the infection spreading" huh, Mr.P? Sorry, I get a bit mad at him at times. He betrayed me, but I know it was.. A bit for the good.

I think Missing homes a really good one. Things are about to lean to the sadder side here! Man, we were all perfect before the infection. The Piggy family enjoying all their time together, Doggy, Poley, and the Player working all together as police officers, being the bestest of friends, Zizzy and Pony hanging out, me and Clowny working together at the carnival, then it all just ended and the world turned upside down. The Piggy family got infected, George was the only one who survived, so did Mrs.P. Then almost everyone was infected..


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