Headaches, First memory, and smash characters

So, when my system gets into an argument, it sometimes gives me headaches, which don't really go away unless I just let the argument pass by. These can be pretty rough for me, especially since my schedule is so tight and I sometimes need to wait a while. I've asked the main culprits, Teuful and Aias, to calm it down or wait until I'm sleeping, but sometimes it just doesn't help.

Aaaannnnddd for the memory! Hopefully I get these enough I can do one every post, but it sometimes comes slower than others. I don't know if that's normal though...
Anyways, as I said last time, I was a shapeshifter named Altet, and I guess I was pushed around the universe to help people. Me and the crew lived in what was a forest called the Twilight Forest, and the one in my head is like a dull recreation compared to it. Well, I was given the choice between here and another place, and then I was told at the last second I had to come here because the other spot got fixed.

Now, for my system's smash characters:
Me: Little Mac/Kirby
Aias: Wolf
Vryx: Most of the sword users
Arlin: Link
Teuful: Anyone with fire in their attacks
Lukaes: Mii Swordfighter (designed to look like Chara from Undertale)


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