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My old post on who my headmates are got deleted so here's the list. I do not count Loki as a headmate but he is open to talk to as well.

  • Finna - Previously Ravenna, the main fronter of the Olympus System. Wolfkin and Demonkin. (she/them/it)
  • Malina - demon (she/her)
  • Etherea - demon, sister to Malina (she/her)
  • Redrift - Wolf-human hybrid. (he/him)
  • Marii - Unsure of who or what they are. Kind of just a playful spirit, we guess. (xey/xem/xir)
  • Chikyu - Similar to Marii but more shy (she/they)
  • Mayonaka - Neko spirit (she/her)
  • Kirina - Demigod daughter of Eros (she/her)
  • Sam Winchester - Fictive from Supernatural (he/him)
  • Xylina Elibetas - Fictive from If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (she/her)



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