Hexapodal, Tetrapodal

Something I've talked a bit about on amino is my feelings on hexapodal and tetrapodal body plans.

As a bird, I am a bipedal tetrapodal creature. My experiences as a nonhuman include not feeling too bad about the human bipedal stance. I've never been interested in quadrobics, and walking on all four like a mammal as always been something I did more for fun than because of nonhuman feels as a kid. The bipedal body plan of a bird is something that feel very right, and I relate a lot to the movements of terrestrial birds like roadrunners, pheasants, secretary birds or even JP raptors and bigger birds like emus, or ostrichs.

But something about feline stalkish crawl pose is also familiar, as I've said in a precedent post about this topic, I relate a lot the concept of being able to become quadrupedal in high stress conditions. A creature like the tigrex in monster hunter has this characteristic, but I feel closer to the seregios or nargacuga when on all four, or even to the highly acrobatic style of the odogaron. I do not feel like I would attack with my claws or wings, but I can see mysef grabbing at something with them, climbing down with them, crawling on rocky walls with them. It's one of the reason rock climbing feels so natural to me. Whether human or nonhuman, the principe of it is the same ahah. I feel like I would be flexible similarly to a cat, since an urge/noema I have often is defending myself with my tail, which in my own perspective of the kind of move my brain summons up would need a flexible body.

Finally, I've had some experience with hexapodal body type, mainly from my monstrous copingtype. Right now, I believe this hexapodal body type is not something I actually always had, but when it springs up, my best exemple of it is Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala.

(Hexapodal is what won in the end. However I can't blame myself for the confusion, with the bird, wyvern, and strange biology of my draconity mixing together. old blog)


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