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History of Demons Part 1

Where do the demons come from and what are demons? The answer to this question lies in a time before the emergence of current humanity and I found it in the collective consciousness of the demons, which is also called Enlil's library. I have full access to this collective consciousness because of my belonging to the demons. In order to convey these events in an understandable way, I will use terms and concepts from Kabbalah when they come close to the actual events. However, a deep understanding of Kabbalah is not necessary to understand my contributions. To shorten the length, I'll split the story of the demons into 12 posts.

In the beginning of time there was only limitless awareness. In the Kabbalah this limitless consciousness is represented as God or as limitless light. This is the impersonal God who is also called the source or primal light. It is just pure consciousness and nothing existed outside of it. At some point, however, this God got into a conflict with himself. Because a part of God wanted to expand and create new life in order to be able to perceive itself. But the other part of God wanted everything to stay as it is before. And so the Limitless Light divided into the thoughtful light and the thoughtless light. The thoughtful light expands and from the thoughtful light came Jod He Vah He who can use the potential of the thoughtful light to create.

Jod He Vah He created the angels:

1. The Chajot ha-Qodesh
2. the Ofanim
3. the erelim
4. the Chashmalim
5. the seraphim
6. the Malachim
7. the Elohim
8. the Beni Elohim
9. the Keruwim
10. the Ishim (people)

All of these angels have different attributes of Jod He Vah He and the name of the angel includes a statement about an attribute of Jod He Vah He so that people can understand what Jod He Vah He is and what he is about the angels. Whereby this knowledge only relates to the God of thoughtful light and not to the limitless light because this no longer exists. In addition, Jod He Vah He also created various lights called the Sephiroth which embody the basic properties of Jod He Vah He. These Sephiroth are the homes of the various angels.

Chavajoth rose from the thoughtless light. The task of thoughtless light is to restrict the thoughtful light in its productivity, because if the thoughtful light were to create too much it would be fatal. Both lights complement each other because they were originally one light. The lights symbolically fight against each other or the creations of the lights. This drives developments on both sides and each side helps the other in this development. Chavajoth created the demons namely:
1. the Bairiron
2. the Adimiron
3. the Tzelladmiron
4. the Sohichrion
5. the shelhabiron
6. the Tzephariron
7. the upper iron
8. the necheshethiron
9. the Nachashiron
10. the Dagbagiron
11. The Beheniron.

These demons are also known as Elohim Acherim. The demons have their own worlds which are called Qliphot.

It is so that the demons are divided into these 11 demon races or demon types and each demon race is completely different and the demons of each race not only have their own look but also their very own culture and customs and traditions. In the coming weeks I want to go into each demon race, describe its characteristics and past and tell about the ruler of the respective demon race and the personal background story to this ruler.


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