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I found one of us in public....

For some context here, I live in kansas city missouri. Now, kansas city is pretty chill. Ironic for a city in missouri, right? Anyway, I have seen my fair share of "odd" people, myself included. But you know...never in a million moons would i have ever thought I would find another one of me. Or, like me i should say. Like us...

I was at costco with my family. I was in a bit of a more exotic outfit than normal. I had a long skirt, corset, balloon blouse and my bat oxfords....(all black btw). I was feeling a bit extra on the elf. You know? hehe. Anyway, i always and i mean ALWAYS have my elf ears on. They are a part of me after, my ears are long and big, you would not miss them if you saw me out in public. They attract a lot of attention as one would assume...but that's more than fine with me. Let the humans admire and fawn over what they can't have...what they want to have. I like the thought of others being scared, jelous or even adoring over me. I guess thats just my elven greed....anyway...I was walking around with my brother JD. My mother had asked us to go pick out some baked goods, so we did. While we went over to the table where they keep the goods, there was a man across from us....a skinny type guy, had glasses, a "korn" shirt, greased hair, "dad shorts" as i like to call them...I don't normally judge peoples apparence and i hope the gods forgive me for this....but i was judging his look a bit. I know, "Fahteyah! You're otherkin, you get judged! Why judge other people?!" Is probably what you're saying right now. Trust me, i said it to myself. I sit here and preach about how i want people to stop judging me and here i am judging this innocent human man for his greasy looks.....(forgive me, i know this is bad).

In public I am useally warry about these types of men. The "neckbeard" types.....they useally mistake me for a hentai waifu or sexy skyrim character. I useally shout arabic or some random gypsy curse at them. Or do the "ward the evil eye" sign my mother taught me. The gods know those men probably have some kind of evil in them...just go to "" and you'll know what I am talking about. I also, have had run ins with them that have made me cringe or feel in danger to some degree. In some ways, i feel bad for them. They want to touch a woman, but can't. I'm sure i am a living fantasy to them and they just can't have me...maybe if you weren't a pitiful incel, maybe....just maybe i'd talk to you. But odds are. I won't. Anyway....jeez the eliteness is coming out. I swear I'm quite sweet....appolgies...

Now, this human man across from me makes eye contact with me...I am typically a shy girl and eye contact is not my when that happened i was so scared. So scared he was going to come up to me and say something dumb like "p-p-p-pardon me m-m-m-m-m'mlady." My eyes were about to roll when he started approaching me....he came up to me and said "Hello miss, uhm...can i ask you where you got your ears?" Easy enough question, i get asked this a lot. I felt like being saracastic and saying "oh, silly human...i grew them!." But, i was feeling generous and i said "Oh, they're just good ol' cheap ones from amazon."
"they're really awesome! you look very boyfriend is a lot like you." He said. I was flattered...then i thought "boyfriend, oh my he like me? have i really..."

I then, almost sounding dessperate, asked, "ah, is he otherkin too?" He paused...fuck...he thought i was crazy didn't he...

"Yes actually, I'm not...well not really...but we are definatly in that area. He would love you!"

I almost screamed out of excitement. I found another...another one of me....

This man appreared to be a wolfkin i think? Or a furry maybe....he gave off kinda those vibes and even tho i did not meet his was nice to know i was not the only elf in my city...maybe some day we shall meet again...

Well, thats my happy moment of the and him parted ways and i thanked him...i still think of him from time to time...i think maybe i should've presued more...maybe then i could hangout irl with people like me...but my shyness got the best of me and i couldn't...but its fine. I have you guys on thsi fourm!

Sorry again for the spellign errors....



Sometimes you can smell the kin on people, sometimes it is very well hidden!

I've sometimes had people ask in public "if I follow the elven religion" but I've not yet had long enough to ask which one they mean... usually it's at work lmao. There's definitely elfae out there hiding, and my favorite thing is when seeing me with my ears on spurs an elf to go find some themself! I've made "new elves" in a few places around town, assuming they weren't elfae already and just hiding very well lmao.

Hope those kinfolk neighbors of yours are doing okay these days!

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