In sync

As a bird, I tend to get nesting and brooding urges around early summer or mid summer. From what I understand of it, my shifts have a tendency to be linked to the temperature. I always understand myself as an avian creature, but the behavior tends to pop up more often in high temp environnement.

Because of that, I'm unsure if my nesting and brooding instincts come up at the same time each time, or depend on the temperature that year, as those behavior are actually harder to catch than expected. This year I've been trying to journal when they start.

Amusingly enough, both my nesting and brooding instincts have kicked off aproximately at the same time than my bearded dragon this year. Did her incessant scratching and head bobbing provoke my own gotta scratch the dirt fit? Did I have it more on my mind because of her, with the quarantine making me more exposed to these behaviors?

She laid her eggs a few days after what I expect to be the start of the brooding phase, so this was an amusing coincidence.

I wonder if this is something other nonhuman have noticed.

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