I did post a little update as status message after my infusion, but with the character limit it wasn't exactly conductive of writing much! Now blogs are back up I figured I'd post a proper update.
For anyone who doesn't know I have RRMS (relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis) and this is regarding a recent change in treatment due to new disease activity. Previously I was taking tablets twice a day, now I've switched to infusions given every 6 months - although the first is given in two parts two weeks apart. My first half-dose was given on the 14th and the next is set for the 28th.

I was pretty nervous of going in to the hospital, partly because it seemed a risky place to go with the whole virus situation, partly because I'm just terrified of social interactions in general and of course partly because of the infusion and all the potential risks it presents. But overall it was a nice enough experience, as far as hospital visits go, so I was very glad of that.

I was told the hospital I was in is what they're calling a Green Hospital - somewhere designated to be virus free. From what I could tell they weren't letting anyone in who had a temperature or was displaying any symptoms. Not a guarantee I know but still it made me feel a bit safer spending my day there!

The infusion itself went smoothly. I was given some medication first to help reduce/prevent infusion related reactions, that took about an hour as it was partly given via infusion. Then they moved on to the main infusion itself and that was ok. For the most part I didn't notice any adverse reactions, when they began to increase the dosage my arm did get itchy for a while, but it wasn't too bad and faded fairly quickly. The infusion took a few hours and then I was kept for an hour afterwards for monitoring. It was a total of around 6 1/2 hours in the hospital.
We were in nice comfy recliner chairs, I got a seat by the window and I'd brought a book to read. Other than having my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature tested every half hour it was a nice quiet space to just sit back and read.

The worst part was having to wear a mask the whole time. At first it wasn't bad, but after a few hours it started to make me feel really hot and like I was sitting in a sauna. I suppose all the condensation from my breathing had built up to uncomfortable levels. I've only worn masks for short periods before as I've been avoiding going out when I can, so it wasn't something I'd thought of beforehand. I probably should have as I've heard other people mention they can get uncomfortable, but I think I was too worried about other things to think of the mask! :p Next visit I'll be sure to take multiple masks with me so I can swap them out!

After it was all done and I could leave I was feeling pretty good. I went home and was fine for a while, but after a few hours I got a headache, started feeling a bit ill and very fatigued to the point I couldn't do anything other than sleep. After sleeping a few hours I woke up feeling a bit better, although still with a headache. Then I ended up not being able to sleep for the rest of the night. Since then I've been sleeping ok, although I felt a bit ill for a couple of days and I'm still feeling pretty fatigued. It is beginning to get better though so hopefully it'll wear off soon.
Other than that I've not had any other issues, so paws crossed I'll be lucky and not get any of the myriad of infections and things I'm prone to after the infusion! Still have the second part to go next week though so I'll see how that goes. I'm feeling happier about it now though and I believe they say that you're most likely to react to the first infusion, so hopefully the following ones will go smoothly. :)


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