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This account was meant to be mostly Clockwork's, and it still is. But I guess I'm going to be posting here occasionally as well, so I may as well introduce myself.

So I'm Shepherd. I use he/him and they/them pronouns, and I'm the host and protector (one of many) of our system. I am also Clockwork's partner in crime and think he's the greatest thing in the world, if I may be entirely sappy and stupid for a moment. I also have two IRL/out-of-head partners who I'm talking to more openly about my nonhumanity, and that's going well so far. I'm waiting for the shoe to drop in that department, where I'll say something and they go "okay, that's a little too unbelievable, bye" but so far they seem to be listening.

I personally don't tend to use otherkin terms all that often, and usually just call myself "nonhuman." Non human, not human, etc. On the occasions I do use otherkin terminology, it's for brevity's sake. It's a lot easier to say "oh, I'm [x]kin" than "I'm not human, I identify as [x]" on average, so I tend to use them when I just need to quickly explain something. I am dogkin and fictionkin, though I won't be talking too much about the fictionkin stuff, if I'm honest. They're both... embarrassing. For different reasons, but still embarrassing. Somehow the persistent dog thing isn't too weird and out there, but the fictional characters are. Go figure, right?

I also personally tend to identify more with psychological nonhumanity. Clockwork's more spiritual about it (as are some others in our system) and tends to use kin terminology, but I am pretty firmly psychological about it. I've identified as a dog since I was really young, around 4-5 if I had to guess, but it probably came about even earlier than that.

I guess this is enough for now. I don't know how often I'll be posting on this blog. Like I said, this is mostly Clockwork's account, but I've always had more of a knack for journaling so... shrug.


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