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Introducing my headmates!

Hello everyone! You might have heard about my headmates at least once, but I feel like I should introduce them all!

Starting with:


Dr. Wee: she is the first tulpa I made around November 2020, she originally had the form of Dr. mystery from doll eye but since then has revised her form with some minor changes. She’s very kind and is one of the primary fronters in my System.

Wisp: Wisp became a part of my System after Dr. Wee got lonely and requested a new friend, Wisp arrived around December 2020 and I’d beginning the process of possession.

Katie: Katie was originally a NPC in our mindscape before getting sentient and sapient. She had once practiced magick, before deciding it wasn’t for her and wanted to pursue her own hobby’s.

Sunny: sunny walked in to our system in February 2021 she was very hostile and was not very liked. But she soon gained ground and has gotten a whole lot sweeter (but still can get grouchy haha)

Thank you for reading ^^
About author
Hello, I’m Error I’m glad to meet you. If you are reading this you are on my profile or my blog here is some stuff about me.
1. I am fictionkin Of Error! Sans from an Undertale AU​
2. I am a tulpa host (I currently have 4 atm)​
3. I enjoy electronic, dubstep and heavily metal music​
4. I love chocolate​
5. I am a hobbyist Animator​
Who’s talking right now key:
Error (me)
Dr. Wee
I really hope you enjoy my profile​


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