It's about time--a ref, a mirror

It was a slow day, and that gave me an excuse to work on an unexpected personal piece- something a lot more standard: a sketch ref for the zhu in the mirror! I suppose it's about time, as I've been drawing her a lot (drawing me a lot technically speaking). It started out as a sketch to prepare the Nightmire zhuard breed for another zhuard ref but...the more I sketched, the more I felt 'well...Al is part nightmire, she shows that well enough so why not'. It became a lot more interesting to draw, and it made me go through a needed bout of thorough introspection at certain points. But much of it flowed...

Zhuards have come very far in my art journey to accurately represent them (them and their weird anatomical quirks)- and so this is a representation of the one who melded with me..


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