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More self reflection instead of getting my WORK done?!?!?!! yes
So I've been reflecting on that form I seem to take in my head. It's a mishmash of different things, looks like. Like a satyr mixed with a harpy, almost. Now I take a lot of "forms" in my head, some of them come and go, some more constant. The come and go ones are things like dragons, dogs, bears, and this one long-tongued lizard-human hybrid creature that could crawl up walls. The recurring ones are my own human self image, cormorant, dinosaur, anhinga...and the other form.
Here's a description because I can't draw worth a damn:
Four horns, two long like an ibex, two short like a mountain goat. The shorter horns are in between the longer ones. Two long elf ears with tufts of hair at the tips. Thick, wild, long dark red hair. Red and black eyes. A lion-like nose. Two curved tusks that point outwards. Light gray skin. Humanlike torso with breasts. Small spikes of the shoulders. Arms like large cormorant wings, with black feathers, but with spindly fingers at the ends. A tail, like some monkeys or lions, about body length, with a tuft of hair at the tip. Legs with dark red fur on the upper parts, and scaly bird or lizard like feet with talons.
Aw screw it, I drew it.
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