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I went through and saved all my old journal entries yesterday so I would have them. I had to do that when the old SBing forum shut down too. I just copy them into notepad and save them in a new folder. I had 102 entries to save. I'm not gonna repost them here, but I wanted them to be saved. I see my therapist tomorrow and I gotta tell her that the 11th was me and Nates 3 year anniversary. She loves hearing about my headmates and my system relationship. Tuesday is my birthday and I will be doing nothing but sitting here feeling mopey cause I'm another year older.

Video chatted with my bf last night and that was nice. I like our video chats. I've been reading my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird to him. We're up to chapter 15 now. I do 3 chapters a night. He misses a lot of key plot points cause I think its hard for him to follow along, I also read too fast sometimes. So before I read tonight I'm gonna go over what we've read so far. I gotta learn to slow down and read slower, but reading fast is just natural to me. I try to focus mainly on character dialogue and important plot points and read fast through her long descriptive text.

I've been having these random twitches for a few days now. Mainly its my neck and shoulders that will twitch randomly, but I've noticed other areas of my body twitching too. Its caused me to sleep very badly lately. I woke up yesterday with an extremely sore and stiff neck. The twitches are slowly going away and become less frequent and I slept okay last night. The base of my neck still has a knot and it still hurts a bit to touch it, but I'm not in pain like I was yesterday. I've used icy hot and a heating pad and that seems to have helped.

Went grocery shopping yesterday. I get food stamps every month on the 13th and never got a chance to go shopping until yesterday. Then I went for a 40 minute walk around the park. I walk for around 40 minutes every other day. I have extremely bad shin splints when I walk, so my shins hurt really badly. Usually its just my right shin, but yesterday it was both. So after 2 laps around the park I gotta sit down and rest my legs for a bit. I'm gonna keep walking cause eventually I'll get used to it and my shins won't hurt anymore and cause I need to exercise and walking is the easiest exercise for me.

We spent all summer without AC until a few days ago. It was absolutely miserable here. The sun just baked our trailer so it was always like an oven in here. Our old AC had stopped working right before summer started. The motor seemed to have gone out. So my brother paid $50 for a used one. They brought it over and took the old one out and put the "new" one in. It didn't work. It turned on and blew out air, but it didn't blow out cold air, so we were still without an AC. Then my brother got this idea to clean out the old one with a garden hose. So him and the neighbor sprayed it out with water, then plugged it in outside and it came on. So they switched ACs in the window again and.... it wouldn't turn on. So mom said to let it sit for a while then around 1am the neighbor came over and got it to turn on.

Anyway that was a bunch of pointless updates. I'm gonna browse the internet and wait for my bf to get online. Aunt and her bf are supposed to be bringing laundry back today and I hope they do cause I need clean clothes for my appointment tomorrow.


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