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Language Memories from Another Life

For the past year, I have been attempting to recall the language I spoke as a dragon and record it. I've decided to share my (limited) results here. Probably will periodically make blog entries with updates to my slowly growing "dictionary" of words.
The language is comprised of guttural vocalizations and hisses, punctuated with facial expressions and body movements to add emotion and context.
I have made use of the phonetic alphabet. Words are not in any logical order, just the order I was able to remember and record them in:

Ffzehhh̃ - literal meaning: an expression of effort. Facial expressions/body language can add context and additional meanings. Examples:
1) "Ffzehhh̃. (With a grimace or strained movement [combination of both adds emphasis])" = "This is difficult/I am struggling with this activity"
2) "Ffzehhh̃. (With kindly expression/comforting body language directed towards other individual)" = "I recognize and empathize with your struggles"

h̃h̃sehh̃ - literal meaning: a greeting. Time of day could cause it to mean "good morning", "good afternoon", or "good evening/night".
Body language additions examples:
1) "h̃h̃sehh̃. (With relaxed movements directed to another individual)" = "Hello, welcome (possibly even "welcome, friend.")"
2) "h̃h̃sehh̃. (With maternal/paternal expression/body language directed towards other individual)" = "Hello/welcome daughter/son/other terms of familial endearment"

ɢ̆re'hn h-ffehh - literal meaning: hunt(ing) fish. Reference to fishing.
"Gre'hn" meaning "hunt", "hunting", or "to hunt" and "H'ffehh" meaning "fish" or "slippery" depending on context.
Body language: a sweeping crouch that jerks upwards with the head sweeping up in a sort of scooping motion, like miming fishing with one's mouth.

Hmngg-h̃nn-h̃kh̃aa-h̃chk - literal meaning: a group of dragons; a close group of dragons; a dragon family; family.
Body language: tucking head close to chest and tightly arching neck while producing the deep rumbles of the first syllable, then a quick, dramatic jerk of the head upwards during the hiss with mouth open wide. Wings may be opened to create emphasis when part of a sentence or conversation.

ɢ̆eshfff - literal meaning: unknown. Means "I go" or "okay" or "I do" or something of this nature typically with an "I'll do it, but I don't want to" insinuation.
Body language: varies on context.

Fēir - literal meaning: fire. Typically referencing dragon/huyean/human made fire.
Body language: overall tensing of neck and wing muscles, slight dip of head. Made with a snarling grimace facial expression.

ɢ̆úp - literal meaning: a command to stop or desist. Spoken very sharply and gutturally.
Body language: varies depending on relationship of speaker and listener, circumstances of use, and necessary emphasis.

ɢ̆renn-ɢ̆um-ɢ̆han - a word for "love" meaning roughly "the depths of love" or "the depths of kinship". Accompanied by appropriate demonstrations of affection for the individual being spoken to.

ɢ̆rist ɢ̆em ɢ̆aff - a phrase meaning "I don't understand you" or "what did you say?" Body language: a head motion towards the one being addressed.

Kæff - literal translation: "means/meaning". Can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to denote the sentence will be an explanation or lesson.

ɢ̆ʀ̥ʀ̥fr – literal meaning: “language/speech”.

ɢ̆enn – literal meaning: mine, or “belonging to me”.


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