List of Games for Various Kintypes

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Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ I've decided to compile a list of good games for various kintypes! Note that I haven't played all of these, and several of them I don't know much about (thanks to reddit and a friend of mine for many of these suggestions), so admittedly I can't help much with getting you alot of information on them or telling you which ones are best. But if you try any, let me know how it goes! Games listed here either allow you to play as a certain creature or feature them very prominently. If it's not made obvious by the title, the most notable animal/animals will be listed alongside the name. Sadly most of these require payment, but all of the games who's titles are in bold are free!

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The First Tree (Fox)

Seasons after Fall (Fox)

Never Alone (Arctic Fox)

Lucky's Tale (Fox)


Okami (Wolf)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wolf)

Tales of Vesperia (Wolf)


The Dog Island (This game is kind of old but it's also my entire childhood tbh)


Dog's Life

Tokyo Jungle (Small Dogs, other animals)



Shelter 2 (Lynx)

Epic Battle Fantasy (Domestic Cat)



Neko Atsume (Domestic Cat)

Hooved Creatures:

The Endless Forest (Deer)

... Goat Simulator.

Way to the Woods [NOT YET RELEASED]


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Eagle Flight

Secrets of Raetikon

Mythical Beings:

The Elder Scrolls (Dragons, Anthro Cats in Skyrim)

Dark Souls (Occasional dragons) [Warning: Notoriously Difficult]

Spyro The Dragon

Golden Treasure: The Great Green (Dragons)

L.A.I.R (Dragons) [ I've heard some mixed things about the controls on this one tho so maybe just rent it first or something before you yeet your money at it]

Divinity Dragon commander (Mostly human but has dragon transformation)

Robot Unicorn attack

Don't Escape

Dragon Cave


Shelter (Badger)

Super Animal Royale (Various Animals) [EARLY ACCESS]

SimAnimals (Various forest Creatures)

Ori and the Blind Forest (Forest spirit, general nature vibes)

Endless Ocean: Blue World (Various Sea Creatures)

Destroy All Humans (Aliens)

Eccho the Dolphin

Spore (Custom creatures)

Animal Crossing (Various anthro animals)
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