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I was able to get the $65 back from WalMart but the $100 is just gone so that sucks. I'm done fighting with people over it. The e key on my laptop broke so I had to map it to another key. Right now its mapped to the left bracket. The normal key isn't there anymore but I got a replacement coming. Hopfully I get it this week. I'm leaving on the 17th to go visit my bf for 2 weeks and I need him to replace the key for me. It all needs replaced, the cap, the hinge, and the key. My depression has gotten worse and I dunno why. Its so normal to me know that I don't even notice it most of the time, but I told my doctor when I went to get my covid test and she said to tell my psychiatrist.

I'm still not happy with my psychiatrist. I am gonna tell her that I need at least my sleeping med changed. Its known to cause weight gain and my weight skyrocketed when I started it in New Mexico and now I cannot lose the weight no matter what I do. My weight is a huge issue for me. When my bf and I move in together we're both going on a diet. His weight is a problem too. We're gonna try the keto diet. So we will have to get used to low carb stuff. He said low carb tortilla shells taste like cardboard. Well we just have to get used to it.

I'm so excited about this visit but so nervous. I'm scared something will go wrong. His weight will put me off too much in person, we won't click, we will get sick of each other. Hes thinks it will be fine. I'm afraid his brother won't like me. I'm gonna have to be shown where everything is in the kitchen and how they load their dishwasher so I can clean up after myself. I will be buying my own food. I just hope the visit goes really well. My bfs brother usually comes into his room every morning between 9 and 10 to wake him up to take his insulin. He can't do that with me there cause I sleep naked. So I said I will set my alarm for 10 am every morning and I will wake him up then go make breakfast for him, then we can go back to sleep. If I even can go back to sleep. Usually if I get up, I'm up the rest of the day.

I hope my doctor will at least change my sleeping pill and it can help me to lose weight. She refused to change my meds the first time cause my bf and I wanted an adult nursing relationship and she said it could make me lose SSI. We want another opinion but can't get one here. But this is for my weight. If she asks about what we wanted I'm telling her we're not giving up, just putting it on hold. If she brings up my plurality I will read this site on SBing to her. We will get another opinion on the meds when I move to NC. If I lose SSI, hes already said he has no issue supporting me. It should not make me lose Medicaid. I'm already on Medicaid without SSI.

So lots of things going on. I gotta see my psychiatrist the morning of the 13th, I have to go shopping this week to get stuff for my mom and brother before my trip. I gotta buy a new pair of pajamas. The ones mom ordered me for Xmas never arrived so she got her money back and I'm just gonna buy some at WalMart when I go shopping. There was an issue when mom ordered my vape juice and after a week it still hadn't shipped so I spent $27 to place a new order. Then I found out the order was lost so they're gonna ship it out and give us a refund.

Two months ago this delusional guy showed up in the tulpa subreddit and kept spamming the same shit over and over. So he got banned. Then he came to the plural subreddit and started spamming, then making new accounts to get around bans. Now hes been banned from reddit, so I let him add me to discord and join my forum so I could try to help him. Hes really slow and will not listen to anything I say. I keep telling him to stay away from other plural sites, but he goes to them and posts about his delusions anyway. He keeps asking me what plural sites he should read no matter how many times I tell him to stay away.

Its just been a hectic time. And I think thats it for this update.


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