Living as a Alpha

Being an alpha ain't easy, especially when you are closeted and there is another dominant female is the house. I only recently discovered exactly what I was, and have not come out to my family. I probably never will, considering my dad thinks the furry community is basically a sex cult. My stepmom is an overbearing person, the very definition of the "evil stepmom" mixed with "helicopter parent." I don't take instruction very well, coming from my alpha nature, but she is the kind of woman who doesn't want to see me grow, instead to suffer, and if she were a wolf therian as well, she'd be the kind of alpha to try to scare all other alphas into basically being or pretending to be omegas. The alpha in me takes over when she tries to push me into being completely subservient about an unfair order/rule, and I have a hard time controlling it and it only gets me in more trouble. I know it's bad to suppress nature or instincts, but honestly, I would not be where I am in my life without her so I have to.

Just keep this in mind, fellow therians, when your dominant side takes over, keep it in check in order to keep yourself safe from harm by others.


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