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Lonely bird

With all the preparations for my new appartement for the year to come, I hadn't thought much about myself. Recently, since things have started to settle down, i've just been hit by a rather displeasing wave of... loneliness? I'd say? The word feels more grave than what I want, but at the same time, it is a strong feeling.
It's qute strange, because after the othercon that happened, I've never been in a server that had so many people. But at the same time, irl, it's true that i've not seen friends since a while, so i suppose it counterbalance.
But the thing that I somehow miss the most is a sort of group that had been formed on an amino. i'd seen a decrease in the activity in there, but didn't expect it to just... be removed, and i kind of grieve this place since it was my last attach to some folk i had met on amino that i hold dear to my heart.
It has been replaced by a group of dragon i found on discord, but it's not the same, since in that discord we just, well, talk about draconity, in opposition to that more varied group. So I guess I understand what people mean when they say they miss their "pack". I didn't expect it to be something i'd have a hard time leaving behind. I guess I also regret to have lost to several site people I found quite the interesting bunch, since i'm not sure if i'm ever going to be able to see some again, or if i'll just have to kind of... remember what had been said in these places that don't exist anymore.
I kind of resent how amino works on that part, as I was not able to save posts or discussions to look back upon. Although I suppose it also happens to disappear in forums after a while, it's just less common.
Ramble off I guess. If any of these people stumble upon this blog, thank you a lot for all the discussions you gave me the opportunity to participate to. I loved every single ones of them.


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