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This was inspired by @sidereum angelus and will be another WIP

Wolf memory: my first hunt. I was a juvie, still learning my place in the formation. My father led us in a charge at a small group of deer, and we singled out an old buck with a lame leg. Mom took me and a few other juvies to run him down till he tired, and dad and some of the elders made the kill. This was from a dream shift.

Wolf: mating season...my second mating season I was eligible for but I still had no mate. I was lonely but ended up deciding against searching for a mate. A solitary male I had never seen before tried to attack me when I left the den to get some air but I fought him off. I think this was a revelation-style shift, meaning it happened when I was trying to induce memories.

Cambion: I know it sounds weird but my birth. Usually how cambion are born is either a male demon impregnates a human female, or a human male impregnates a female demon who is possessing a human female. It was the latter and the human "surrogate" was screaming and bleeding insanely. I was born in room of carnage, my demonic mother was birthing me before she could be exorcised from the surrogate by a priest. Several people died in that room trying to help with the birth but my mom killed them so that I was touched by blood the moment I was born. Dream shift.


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