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My card company declined my dispute again so I submitted a complaint to the Consumer Protection Bureau. I got the $65 back from WalMart but this shoe site refuses to refund me the $100 cause the transaction has been completed. This is BS cause they refunded $50 after it was completed. But I'm done fighting this shit. I've been at this for over a month. The $65 from WalMart pushed me to over $300 so I have enough to visit my bf. Speaking of which, hes bought my plane ticket already and I leave the morning of Jan 17.

I have to wake up at 5am to make sure everything is packed and ready, get dressed, and have a cup of instant coffee before I have to leave at 5:30. I gotta be at the airport by 6:30 and its about an hour away. My flight leaves at 7:20am and they say to be there an hour early. Then I'm flying to Chicago where I will have a layover of about an hour and 45 minutes, then its off to North Carolina to meet my bf. We're both so excited but so nervous. We've been making a lot plans to live together eventually. We found an apartment we like and I've figured out how much he needs to make in order for us to get by.

If he can make $15/hr at 20 hours a week we can get by. My friend said since my bf has no work experience with computers, he would be entry level and entry level doesn't make $15/hr. But I looked it up at the average pay for an entry level computer programmer in NC is $15.50/hr. So he CAN make that much and he has a lot of computer skills. He can program, he can code, he can troubleshoot and fix computer issues, he can recover data from dead harddrives. He can do a lot with computers, he just doesn't have the work experience. The only experience hes got is coding websites for his brothers photography.

If he can make $15/hr at 20 hours a week he can still get some SSI and it will be enough for us to get by each month. The apartment is $860/mo which is more expensive than I wanted but its the only one we've found that allows pets and doesn't have a pet fee. We need to live in a city so I have access to public transport and can get places when hes at work. A more rural location may be cheaper, but that won't work. Also I live in the middle of nowhere right now, I don't want to move somewhere else and live in the middle of nowhere.

Things with Nate are fine. Someone bitched at me on reddit for marrying a headmate then neglecting him when I got a physical bf, but I'm not neglecting Nate. I have a lot going on right now so we don't have a lot of time to spend together. But we spend time together when we can. I friended this questionable person from reddit and let him add me to Discord and he was taking up a lot of my time. This guy showed up in /r/tulpas in early Nov panicking and asking is his OC had become a tulpa and was controlling his thoughts and feelings. Several people told him to talk to a professional. Instead of answering peoples questions he ketp posting the same question over and over. Finally he got IP banned there.

Then he came over to /r/plural and started posting the same question. He kept getting banned and making new accounts to post over and over. So he got suspended from reddit. Then he started messaging me. And since he was suspended his accounts only lasted like a day, then he'd have to make a new one. I got sick and tired of him messaging me from a new account every day that I just let him add me to Discord. I have spent weeks working with him, explaining plurality, DID, tulpamancy, soulbonding. Telling him how fronting works. No headmates cannot control your thoughts and feelings. They cannot just delete your feelings. Thats a delusion. I have explained the difference between different types of plurality, how headmates differ, how they're the same, how they can influence emotions but not totally delete them. Sometimes I think he gets it then he will start repeating questions.

I think I have finally managed to make him realize he is not plural and his OC is not seeking revenge on him by deleting his thoughts and feelings. But he has a lot of questions about the nature of plurality. Having been plural myself for over 16 years and prolly the only person willing to talk to him after the shit he did on reddit, I don't mind answering questions. Even if I have to answer the same things over and over. I admit I only know a little about DID and tulpamancy, being strictly a soulbonder, but I know enough to answer his questions.

Anyway thats all thats going on with me. Oh, the issue with WalMart was an error on their end. I handed the cashier $65 in cash and she ran it as credit and it took $65 from my card instead. I called their electronic payments hotline and they looked it up and told me what happened. So last time I went to WalMart I gave them my receipt and told them the date and they looked it up in their records and on the security footage and saw me hand the woman cash. So they put the money back on my card for me.


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