Monster Hunter

Most people who have been following my questioning probably saw me referencing the game "Monster Hunter" at one point or another. This game is full of very well made wyverns and other draconic creatures who follow plausible speculative biology, so I often use it to explain my own shifts.

In the past, I have even questioned creatures from it. The seregios was the most convincing one, as it had traits both draconic and roadrunner like. This beast can dwells in deserts (check) but can invade any envirronement and has for preference rocky terrains (check), is highly aggressive toward any other creatures, especially rath (check, considering it's one of the urges playing monster hunter is for to me), has zygodactylous feet (check) with which it attacks (check), has two fingers on it's wings (check), a crest like horn formation on the snout (unsure), a very quick paced style of attack (check) and very good acrobats (check). They can also puff up with their hackle like scales (check). Sadly, some very important traits like the blade scale that they send or the lack of venom don't fit for me. Gore magala and it's adult form shagaru magala was another one I thought about for a long time, as the hexapodal form and the way the wings worked resonated with me. The lack of visible eyes of the gore, the pathogen that they spread, and the aggressive nature of this monster all felt coherant, and the final stage being golden and bright while retaining this pathogen felt also very adequate.

These two monsters were from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a game I played while in middle school. Nowadays I wonder if I may have imprinted from it, my base as a draconic nonhuman serving as a support for it to becomme a part of me. My zygodactylous feet may very well come from seregios, as does my need for a crest and to live in desert (in addition to living in an already medditeranean envirronement), and the Gore magala and shagaru may have influenced the monster part of myself, the black drake i used to draw.

I'm still noticing this trend of Monster Hunter creatures leaving a strong impact on me. In world, Odogaron is one of the monsters that give me that feeling, the quick paced attacks, the ruthlessness, the appearance of it all resonate with me. The claws, the fangs, the savage survival. It's one of my favorite monster to fight just because of how it moves and how much I like watching them. But other, to a lesser extent, have also left an imprint on me. Vaal hazak and their effluvium. Legiana's flight. Bazelgeuse and their explosions scattered on the map, his dive. Xeno'jiiva's appearance, the alien look that feel so familiar. Some that don't even have that much to do with my bird like habits have given me shifts and dreams about them. The Diablos is the most dream, and due to Lorelay, my daemon, taking the form of a nargacuga, I have been in a narga shift all thursday to friday.

It's hard to say what's going on with this game. Are those cameos due to my love of the game? Or is my fascination for them born from something deeper? I feel extremely dumb and ashamed everytime i think about it, as i feel like i'm tainting that game that i play with my friends with my strangeness, and that it will ruin it for them.

(ooh boi i have a lot of blogs. Old blog. I'm hearted with monster hunter fauna)


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