My Alterhuman Realization

When I was about 8, I started realizing some primal instincts within myself that scared me. I shut them away until I discovered the furry community, but deciding I didn't fit, I later turned to the alterhumans. I have a phantom tail, as well as wolf ears. I bought a tail at Renaissance festival to help sate that side of myself, and when I draw myself, it is always with wolves' ears and a tail. I experience m-shifts, especially when emotional (or hungry, sometimes both because I stress eat...yeah I have some issues). I growl when angry, I howl at the moon, I pace on all fours, I sleep curled up, and I have a really great connection with the dogs in my family. I am an alpha, which I recently came to terms with as I always thought I was a beta. I do not take instruction very well, but I try, and I am a "go-getter" kind of soul that leaps before looking. I mostly realized I was an alpha because of my fascination with a more...ahem...sensitive subject that every teenager goes through at some point but let's just say my tastes as a female are...unorthodox. (message me for an explanation if you want but be advised if you are a younger alterhuman as you may not get it and I do not like ruining innocent beans) I have gotten to the point with my shifts that I can shift from human mindset to wolf mindset almost instantly, and can suppress my shifts when I my shift triggers show themselves.
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