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Hi all! Today I'd like to show off some of my favorite items! All of these are related to my theriotype, the domestic cat! Though I lack some traditional "gear" such as a tail, this collection includes other things that allow me to express myself and surround myself with my theriotype.



We'll start off with my newest edition, this purse! I'm actually not the one who found it. My mom and I were both out shopping and I felt like going in a different store so the two of us split up. When we met up again, she had found this and bought it for me!

And to put inside it, here's my wallet! Alongside a face mask I got that day and an unrelated necklace. However...


I do actually have some cat jewelry! Hello kitty and pusheen to be precise. They're so cute!


I have more Hello Kitty stuff too! The plushie was a recent addition, I just got it last week. The phone case and camera were both Christmas gifts. Sadly the camera didn't come with very much film and I haven't been able to buy more yet, so I haven't gotten the chance to use it very much. And of course I have some Hello Kitty band-aids, because what better to distract you from your pain then cute kitties and pink?


That's also not my only cat related phone case though, my current one has a cat too! And it's nice and squishy and good for gripping. I love the heart with the glitter on it! Another recent purchase of mine were those adorable cat stickers, because not only am I cat, but an artist and a child at heart.


And this is my Kitty Girl perfume! It was really cheap but it's super nice! It's become my go-to scent!


Here is my collection of cat related headgear! I have 4 cat headbands, 2 cat hats and 2 pairs of cat headphones. The other as on my head while I'm writing this and looks identical to the one you see in the photo. Never hurts to have a backup!

And finally, what collection could be complete without a collar?


Some thoughts regarding my collection


While these things may not be commonly considered "gear" like fuzzy ears and tails are, they're the closest I have at the moment and the closest I will likely be able to get any time soon. Not only would my parents probably kill me if I tried to get a tail, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing something like that out in public yet. My other cat accessories though, like the hats and the headbands, don't tend to get me as many weird looks as something like that probably would. So they provide a way for me to connect to my theriotype without making it overly obvious to onlookers, which is something I really enjoy.


Note: This blog entry was made before the July 2020 site update that removed all blogs for a while. Though it had to be reuploaded at a later date, this entry was originally posted on March 31, 2019.

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