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My Head Is Messing With Me I Swear

I felt something today with another HTTYD dragon species that just hit me like I got electrocuted in the chest. Like, I can't be more than one species from the same "fictional" series, right? A species I've seen plenty and never had this sudden reaction? I don't know. I was just enjoying some content and I was blindsided by the same feeling as with my other two kintypes. This is a brand-new feeling so I can't jump the gun on this at all and I feel like it's wrong for me to just "throw another kintype on the pile".

Like, I won't say I'm anything until I contemplate it for a while and really see what feels right, but this feeling is just...something else. Is this normal? Is this even a right thing to feel for otherkinity? I am so confused and dazed by this hard-hitting feeling. What is my head doing to me???

If it were anything else but a HTTYD species, I'd feel different about this, but this just feels so jumbled since it is.


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