My Strengths and Weaknesses


Doubt it's only because of Autism:
Strong soul (I survived 8 years of bullying, 6,5 years of abuse, and some other bad stuff in the past)
Strong willpower (I can hold back my action impulses very well)
Good self-knowledge
Arrogance (atypical, and yes, I see that as a strength)
Writing (others say so, in my opinion I'm just writing)

Mental and physical:
High endurance

Good immune system (I'm rarely sick)

Definitely because of Autism:
Very good eyesight (clear and detailed, with high differentiation of color)

Above average IQ (about 120)
Above average memory
Logical thinking
Pattern recognition
High accuracy
Quick thinking
Good sense of direction
Creativity, active imagination
My thoughts are less influenced by trends, authority and the likes


Doubt it's only because of Autism:
Bad at maths and the natural sciences

High vulnerability (I'm easily hurt by psychological abuse)

Weak muscles (nevertheless, they're enduring)

Definitely because of Autism:
Hypersensitive in regards to the following: feelings, pain (mental and physical), temperature (hot and cold) and touch. Especially feelings and pain are the ones I experience more intense and longer than the average person.
Hearing is a bit lacking in differentiation
Bad sound filter (so, for example, when many people are talking, most often I hear them all at once and it's a bit harder to concentrate on what a single person is saying)
Misophonia (only trigger sound is chewing, and it's mild right now)
Bad sense of smell

Bad memory when it comes to motor learning (for example, I need more time to learn a few dance steps)
Problems with 3D processing (animation, sports, video games), when something involves 3D I often react too slow and miss targets (ex. a ball)
Bad social skills (ex. small talk)
Bad fine motor skills
Bad at sports
Bad at assembling furniture
Can't ride a bike
Can't build a camping tent
Can't hold back the expression of my feelings
Can't control my feelings during an autistic meltdown (otherwise it's also hard, exhausting and self-damaging to control my feelings, so usually I don't do it)
Drawing: Errors regarding size proportions happen again and again, can't get light / shadow proportions right


Doubt it's only because of Autism:
Personality (very high introversion, very high neuroticism, maybe low agreeableness, hubris)
Emotional Empathy (sometimes it's there, other times it isn't, I cannot predict that and have little control over it)
Seriousness (I'm more serious than most people)
Humor (overall dark)
Some preferences
Some disfavors
Some aesthetic preferences
(Maybe my ethics)

Definitely because of Autism:
Perception, of course


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