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my twin flame is coming back??

Me and my twin flame have a long history. He is partially responsible for my fall and imprisonment in this body, and he also was not very good to me in this life either. He's someone who must go through the same things over and over to finally learn his lesson, he is stubborn and scared of change and that is the reason why we have been through this cycle in so many lifetimes.

Although now, I have learned how to forgive, move on, and focus on myself. Spirit has been sending me a lot of signs about communication between me and my twin flame again (forgot to mention we dated, I broke up with him, and it has been months since we've spoken) and a possible offering from him, some sort of reconciliation. I gotta be honest, that makes me a little bit nervous. I was very codependent on him before, and do not want those feelings to resurface. Spirit tells me to simply follow my intuition and take it as it comes. I want to give my twin flame another chance, but I am not sure if that will be possible... I hope he comes with truth and an apology. Especially for what he did to me before..

What we have has the possibility to be good and strong, and my journey with him was meant to be my lesson, so that I may go back home. I just hope I don't fuck this up...


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