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Nates age

This idiot on reddit thought Nate was only 16 and I married a 16 year old. If Nate was 16 I would not have married him. Someone doesn't pay attention to canon. Hes 18 at the end of the anime and 21 at the end of the manga. 27/28 in the most recent manga chapter, but that never happened for my Nate and he did not grow his hair out like that. I met him when he was 19, we started dating 6 months after his 25th birthday, we got married a month before his 26th birthday. Hes 29 now. I would not marry a 16 year old. I was hesitant to date him just for being 10 years younger than me.

In other news, there were 3 unauthorized transactions on my credit card and I lost $200. I have to call them tomorrow and tell them I did not make those transactions. All I did was load money onto the card. The transaction history shows where I loaded $65, but then $65 was taken out, then $50, then $100. I did not spend that money. I want it put back on my card. Thats supposed to be saved to visit my bf in Jan. I want my money back and I want a new card cause someone used my card somehow. I hope I can get this fixed tomorrow cause this really depresses me. I was saving that money. My bf says he will just buy the plane ticket himself. But I want my money back.


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