Not even a complete list, and its always growing, it seems.

Reasons I am Terezi:
My real name [Chelsea] sounds like Terezi.
I have an absurdly long tongue.
I look and dress like Terezi. [my hair ends up short, and when I straighten it, it always has a curve at the ends like hers. Ive always thought I look like a female version of Karkat and even tried to be more like him.] I primarily wear black t-shirts with nerdy images.
I love mysteries, solving them, and have a knack for knowing the law on an intuitive level.
I had a best fuckin friend forever that I did everything with. We called ourselves the Greythorne Sisters. I was Wither and she was Malice. [telling much?]
When I broke up with her, I.. used my very strong foresight and saw that there would be issues if we stayed friends. Karkat also encouraged me to do it and was outside when I went through with it. After I told her, she literally crumpled, and I hugged her one last time. She didnt expect it at all. ._.
I went insane with regret and self-hatred afterwards.
My ultimate crush looked, acted, and spoke [yelled] EXACTLY like Karkat.
The reason I got into Homestuck was because I was incredibly shocked at how his likeness was captured in the fan art, and even the official art. EVERYTHING is the same except he has grey-blue eyes, caucasion skin color, lacks horns. Everything else is the same. He sounds most like a more masculine version of Broadway Karkat. Very wicked and masculine voice. Extremely intimidating guy despite his size. [hes not short, just shorter than youd expect someone with a cocky personality like his.]
Karkat even called us the Scourge Sisters.
He hated Vriska. He was jealous of her as well, as anyone interested in me would have been.
I loved Karkat, more than anyone except Vriska, but my self-esteem was too low to believe he legitimately cared about me. On some level I knew he cared about me, but I was too BLIND to see it.
I didnt know I loved Vriska more than Karkat until I had already lost her. v.v
Vriska and I had a serious BDSM relationship [kismesis] after being moirails a very long time. We should have stayed moiraills. :[ It was really my fault that she acted the way she acted.
I am an empath and I can legitimately taste peoples energies.
I may as well be blind because my eyesight is useless to me without glasses.
My favorite color isnt red, its TEAL, but I have a crazy fetish for fiery guys.
Libra ascendant, which is funny because A. your ascendant was your sign in a previous life, and B. its the realm of your PERSONALITY. [Sun is about your life path and moon is about emotions. :p]
I am creepy and cute. I love scaring the shit out of people. >:]
I like 1337, but I refuse to type that way all the time even though quirks are awesome conceptually. I mean if I could program the computer to remember my quirk, itd be different, but that isnt a thing yet. Itd definitely spice the internet up much more. :]
I still play with plushies and whatevers at hand and draw with chalk.
I adore dragons and see myself as one because I was born in the year of the dragon. :p
I like to cosplay, and wear capes pretty often.
Dave is someone I cared about a great deal. He had a crush on me, but I saw him as a brother. Dirk is a total piece of shit and hurt Dave and Karkat and its why they have so much in common. He IS Daves bro. Dave sort of sticks up for him and Dirk has clueless followers.
Gamzee was a best friend of mine like Dave and we technically had a kismisitude relationship. Gamzee told me Karkat was his best friend but I didnt know it was mutual. He was very upset that Gamzee and I were kinda together.
One night I was sitting at the end of Vriskas bed, thinking she was asleep, and trying not to wake her up with blowing my nose. She was awake and spooked and said she thought I was cackling like a maniac at the end of the bed like a creep. I thought it was pretty much a good assessment.
Another time she told me that while I was asleep, she saw an *evil* me with a sharp toothed grin and grey skin. It didnt seem improbable to me.
John is my biological brother. Hes a Virgo sun, and hes a nerd. :] Hes the only person beside my dad and aunt I talk to. [lots of friends I have, lol.]
Rose is a c*nt but I was fascinated with her for some reason. Rose hates Homestuck because of the fanbase. [lolll]
Kanaya is her sister, not gf/wife. Shes cool, and a reasonable person and was a friend, but we didnt talk much. I dont know why really.. x.x
Aradia was my best friend before Vriska. She and Sollux are married. I had a crush on her hsband and it was awkward.
Equius is an ex. Longest relationship Ive been in was with him.
Eridan is as much of a insufferable asshat as he is in the series, but not good looking in the slightest. He can be.. surprisingly insightful at times. None of us like him, even us INFPs. [Dave and I.]
I see Aranea as my mother. Talks non-stop, ruins lives.. but I used to look up to her.
Calliope was a fellow dragon lover friend that Dave introduced me to. Her handle was Celestial Serpent and she is even more asexual than I am. :]
My friends saw my and Karkats connection as being more like Karkats and Nepetas. He treated me like I was autistic and mostly ignored me. Probably until I confessed to him, and then after I went crazy because I had lost Vriska, and hoped that I could rely on him to be there for me. but despite all that bravado cockiness of his, hes a total wimp. ._.] Karkat and I had a ridiculously brief unspoken relationship that was only through telepathic communication and I got beyond frustrated and kissed a woman, and it was over like that. No one knows about this but us. Its another thing that I have ruminated on and hated myself for and deeply regretted.
I envy gamer girls who are actually good at games and wish I could be more confident and popular. v.v; [Latula]
I had a character on Gaiaonline with the Chucku Norisu scarf and the winged staff item and people drew freebie art of it for me, and when I looked at my pictures after learning about Homestuck it was pretty crazy.
Vriska [best artist I know] drew a character that looked a lot like Terezi that I had liked a lot.
I was very isolated when I was young. Neglected by my parents for the most part and felt too different from other humans. I always wanted a tree house and bulit my own club house that I hung out in as a kid.
My friends pretty much unfairly looked down on and even despised Vriska except Gamzee.
I love the taste and sight of blood. [Im a sadist.]
Dave made a proposition that he, me and Karkat be in a poly relationship and I turned it down. [I did not want to share Karkles with ANYONE. I know in the comic Dave actually disliked the idea, but the poly thing came up with the three of us. I dont know if Karkat was cool with it or not because he always used Dave as our go-between, but if Dave made the offer it must have been Karkat approved. Asshole. -.-]
Karkat and Dave live together and are more than likely morails. Karkat isnt attracted to Dave, but Dave has said he is attracted to Karkat.
I had a dragon umbrella that looked like a cane that I loved a lot.
Karkat is pretty much the unofficial group leader, or at least he was in my opinion. I could see Sollux saying Id make a better leader, though, because Im more clear-headed and calm about things and people from that group respected me [more than I was aware of].
We are all connected somehow.. but the main group consisted of Dave, Gamzee, Rose, Kanaya, me [Terezi], Karkat, and a few people I didnt see as characters from Homestuck. Vriska was not allowed to hang out with us at first. When she finally got her freedom [with my help] she wouldnt hang with the group, and they saw her as taking me away from them. They thought she treated me poorly, but she really didnt. -.- [Vriska did nothing wrong, theyre all just jerks.]
I dont hang out or talk to any of them anymore except John. Im always finding myself reminiscing and I really just wish I could forget I ever met them so I could start over fresh.
I have a spirit guide that is a DRAGON and teaches me anything Id like to know, especially in esoteric matters. His name is Shadowfall Ryu. Ryu is Japanese for Dragon. [lusus] and I agonize that I dont know him irl. Everyone knows about him. I have drawn so much art of him and talked about him so much. He is my ideal self. [i know the lusus in the comics is female, but whatever. Its still interesting.]
I collect dragon stuff, including plushies. I still play with them and wish others would play with me.
List goes on and on.
I cant make this stuff up.


hello! This is probably odd, But. Hello, Im Bendy, Pearls mate. It sounds like you two have a lot in common (even down to the more risque intrests) and maybe you'd get along? Sorry again, but im trying to get her more friends and stuff, see. But she's shy and wouldnt say anything so I took the liberty. Feel free to dm to talk to her, if you want!
Im thinking about joining the Discord for this site today. Would your mate be all right with speaking to me there?
Its hard to get to know someone through a forum from my point of view and theres security in speaking in a public place with real-time conversations.
she's shy of such sights, but this one has a private messaging system she uses often, if thats similar enough
Ok, well I'm not sure about connecting one on one with anyone at this time, I've got a lot to heal before I can get there. But if your mate ever changes her mind and wants to hang out on discord the offer still stands.

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