Not really a venting post but kinda is? TW: SENSTIVE TOPIC

Hello foolish mortals :3! Nice to see you all again! Its currrently 6:11 AM and im bored and really need to take my mind off the 3 exams i will be doing. So, with that being said lets talk a bit about what happened to my dumbass yesterday! Okay so last night i was inthe bathroom talking to myself (don't worry its normal) and my mom brought in a glove... This isn't just any glove to me. This glove is from my nightmares :). Its one of light up gloves and the story behind how i got is not very pleasant: So I had to live with my abusive grandparents for a while and she forced me to go to a Christian rave type deal (hated every ding dang second of it). This rave was to convert homosexuals to straights (clearly it didn't work on my gay self). One guy there was trans (FtM) and one of the girls there was Lesbian and Trans (MtF) best two people i ever met btw.

But anyways back to the rave thing; So me and the girl mentioned in the paragraph above lets call her Vanya (not her real name i swear.) got in trouble becuase she was trying to console me. I can't remember the reason she was doing so but i know i was crying and they accused us of kissing! SHE WAS 17 AND I WAS 11! And she was way outta my league lol. I would not have a had a problem with this if they hadn't been slandering her and me for acting, looking, and being oursellves. They were screaming at us just because we like the same gender. Okay im done sorry for wasting everyones time! The next post will be more light hearted and fun! i had to go to school so i finished at 6:30 pm.


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