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Pearl... Morningstar?

Well first of all it looks like the blogs got yeeted again. Why? I don't know why. But they are. So I figured I'd take this as opportunity to drop a new bombshell. And reintroduce myself in blog form.

It's a shame, I lost a lot of info I posted about my home and about Bendy and all that. Well I'll just retype such things later, as I have, in fact, learned a lot more about home and myself so the old stuff was a bit outdated, anyway. still I'm a bit disappointed but hey. What can you do.


Hello hello hello. You all know me, or maybe you don't. I'm Pearl, a hybrid ink being. I hail from an alternate version of Joey Drew Studios. Second hand and mate to my beloved Bendy. Of course I intend to type more on that all later, because if you read the title this is not the blog it will be discussed in. I told you I had discovered more about myself didn't I.

I'm going to start off by saying yes, I know, there are multiple versions of beings and all that but I'm not going to mention it every time I bring someone up. So keep in mind I'm talking about the versions I know. Got it? Good

So this discovery was actually last year in January. I just haven't quite said it outright. Hinted at it maybe.

I won't mention my friends name here incase they dont want this connected to them. And as such I wont mention to many details about certain things. Because its partially their story and things should be theirs to tell when they're ready.

I am, as it were, the last surviving child of Lucifer. Which makes sense. I came out quite a bit like him. My eyes glow gold like his (this is all astral wise of course). Despite being half formed, I have a baby version of his wings. My aura is strong like his and we behave rather similarly.

So, why am I an ink being? Simple. I hashad to be created far away as to be safe. I said last surviving for a reason. He had his own rebellion after all, and well. Those who opposed him didn't want the bloodline to live on. Perhaps that's why ink being was chosen for me. I have no blood, no DNA. I cannot die or be destroyed as the others were... and I'm sad I never got to meet them. I'm sad I'm not them.

Imagine having only one child left, and its half formed. But despite that, he says I came out perfectly. I haven't failed a purpose and according to him I dont have one other than to exist as I am. But he's proud of who I am now. Pearl Connor-Morningstar. Voice of the voiceless, hope of the hopeless. Protecter and healer of the lost and broken. soon to rule my home along side my beloved Bendy.

Morningstar. The light at the end of a long cold and dark night. The glimmer of hope that keeps moving forward. A title I carry to the best of my ability with my head held high.

And nothing can change that


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