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Physical Shifting Poll Results

After an hour of wrestling with Google Sheets, it's done.

Out of curiosity, I released a poll that centered around the theory that most otherkin would want to physically become their kintypes if they could. I asked four questions:
  1. If you were to physically become your kintype, would you?
  2. What if there were mental changes involved?
  3. How much pain would you be willing to go through to achieve your true form?
  4. Would you want to be transported to your kintype’s place of origin?

For question one, the possible responses were:
  • I would not want to become my kintype.
  • I would become my kintype
  • I would become a combination of my kintypes
  • I would become my copinglink/otherlink*
  • I would become my hearttype

*Nobody voted to become their copinglink/otherlink.​

For the second question, the possible responses were:
  • I would not transform if mental changes were involved
  • I would still transform

For question three, the possible answers were:
  • 1 (a slight itch)
  • 2 (pins and needles)
  • 3 (as if you stubbed your toe)
  • 4 (like a full-body charley horse)
  • 5 (like being kicked in the nuts)
  • 6 (like being swarmed by wasps)
  • 7 (like childbirth)
  • 8 (like being skinned alive)
  • 9 (like being burned alive)
  • 10 (like breaking every bone, tendon, and muscle in your body)


For the final question, the possible answers were:
  • No
  • Yes

In conclusion, most Otherkin would rather be their kintype than their current self. Even if they would lose every bit of themselves, the majority of them would still take the leap. The vast percentage would undergo tremendous pain to reach their true form, and over half would want to live where their kintype originated, be it a geographic location on earth or another planet, or an entirely fictional world altogether. Seeing this data in front of me makes me a little bit sad, since very few of us will ever be truly happy, but at the same time it gives me some comfort in knowing that when I break down and want to punch the mirror or tear my skin off, I’m not alone.

~Hikiko Almaak

Oh, and there's also a google doc if you want to download these results for whatever reason: Physical shifting poll results


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