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Piggy LGBT headcanons.

Hi, I'm just going to be sharing som LGBT Piggy headcanons because why not? If you don't know what I headcanon is, I find it hard to explain, so it's better just to search the term.

Of course, stating some things.
Any characters that have no gender canonically will be listed as agender, so that's more canon. Yes, MiniToon knows what agender is and he has made multiple agender characters.

No Book 2!

Let's go!

Penny: cisgender female, lesbian, she/her.
George: cisgender male, bisexual, he/him.
Father: cisgender male, heterosexual, he/him.
Mother: cisgender female, heterosexual, she/her.
Sheepy: cisgender female, lesbian, she/they.
Doggy: cisgender male, uranic, he/him.
Bunny: cisgender female, asexual and pansexual, she/her.
Foxy: cisgender male, gay, he/him.
Clowny: cisgender male, questioning, he/it.
Teacher: cisgender female, heterosexual, she/her.
Soldier: cisgender male, gay, he/him.
Torcher: cisgender male, gay, he/him.
Tigry: cisgender male, bisexual, he/they.
Kitty: cisgender female, lesbian, she/it.
Memory: cisgender female, lesbian, she/her.
Zompiggy: agender, aromantic, it/he.
Skelly: agender, aromantic, it/he.
Parasee: agender, aromantic gay, he/it.
Angel: cisgender female, pansexual, she/they.
Devil: cisgender female, lesbian, she/it.
Poley: cisgender male, abrosexual (bisexual and gay), he/him.
Zizzy: cisgender female, bisexual, she/her.
Pony: cisgender male, bisexual, he/him.

I think I covered enough. ^w^


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