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Piggy theory: Infected cant die

Not me talking like the MattPatt.
You read the title right? Recently I been thinking more into a topic not noticed as much as I think it should, can us infected die? It's always been sort of unclear in the Piggy community whether the infected can die or not. Today, I'm gonna discuss a theory, that they can't actually die as long as they are completely infected, with as much evidence as I can show.

First, 1: In Piggy, during when you play the game, the Player can pick up a gun in the map/chapter if there is one, they can gather bullets (normally 2-4) around thr map and shoot Piggy, stunning it for 20 seconds. You can do this no matter what mode it is. Even with bots like Foxy, Mousy, Soldiers, etc. So it's canon you can shoot any infected, but notice how they don't die or get injured when shot? They just get stunned. Nothing even really happens while stunned, they just twitch while their eyes are open. I think this shows theirs a chance of them not being able to die!

2: I vaguely remember this being confirmed by MiniToon on Twitter or possibly someone else, though there's of course a chance this is incorrect. MiniToon is the creator of my source. They have done interviews before with youtuber AntAntixx, if anyone wants to help, check his interviews to see if you can find anything about it!

3: this one's a bit weak, but I'm sure if infected can get out fine with a kick in the face or a bone to the head, they can live until their cured.

I know it wasn't much, but as I said before, it's not discussed much, so it's hard to gather evidence as I can see that affecting this.

Thanks for reading.


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