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prep for the kingdom (and an art dump)

As time go on, our plans for the future grow and change with us. Bendy and I originally planned to just reopen our beloved home, but, as it in its true nature is infinite, we ponder a more diplomatic stance. After all, if it could be a home to us, why not to other beings?

The plan is a kingdom, grand as any. This will take place in the far future, after our wedding, after gathering allies, after things get a little easier. What we want is to open a place free of judgement, a home for the lost and the weary, with rules based around kindness and the goodness of ones character, and where second chances are given to those with rough pasts.
Its a great work in promise, but perhaps, meant to be, as even without speaking of our plans, some beings we encounter in our excursions seem to recognize us as royal, and some seem to think I may be a divine of sorts. That I am unsure of, as I do not know what makes one, and if I qualify. What I know is I am me and I aim to provide a better future one day.

Currently, we are working to help beings who need it and hopefully getting the word out that help is possible. and that one needs to just hold on.

I would love to see my home become a home to more, along with our production of cartoons, food, and other forms of entertainment. Once back I plan on contributing my own cartoon, adding to our collectiom. The aim will be good morals similar to the style of shows like Steven universe or MLP, but in a style easy for younger beings to understand. Along these the studio will, of course, also be open to visitors who can come and go as they please.

Plans are booming! I'm exited for our future, and I can't wait to share the developments with you all and Im glad you've been with us on this journey, from joining, to forming our system, to our engagement, and who knows where else this will go!

UNRELATED. art dump for fun.

Bendy and his forms that I've seen so far

a little comic I made when I was working on some tough memories, lyrics are from Gold by Imagine dragons

this was based on the blacklight line of plushies, also one of my first digital pieces, drawn with a mouse.


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