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Ragnarok Theory

WARNING: THIS IS RELIGIOUS IN NATURE. I AM PAGAN (ASATRU). This is a theory I've had for years about the phenomenon of Ragnarok. You have been warned.

So we all know about the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe as we know it.
Most Asatruars (people who follow the path of Asatru) believe there is an "apocalypse" like event called Ragnarok where all the gods fight all the monsters and the only survivors are Thor's sons. They then find chess pieces depicting all the other gods, and once the collect all of them, the gods are reborn.
My theory is that Ragnarok and the ensuing end of the Nine Worlds caused the Big Bang when the gods and realms were reborn.
My Loki says he's a post-Ragnarok or chess-piece version, which supports this to an extent. I just wanted to get this out there
About author
Finna Alsvartr
Maverick is the main front of the Olympus System, a median system consisting of upwards of nine members and possibly more to come. Malina, Etherea, Marii, Kirina, Redrift, Mayonaka, Chikyu, Sam Winchester, and Xylina Elibetas are the current known members.


huh cool im a shard of loki (and a faun yes i know their contriversiol ) so its always cool to see what people think
huh cool im a shard of loki (and a faun yes i know their contriversiol ) so its always cool to see what people think
I have an interesting bond with Loki, so I'm curious about yours. I have a few posts on my bond but it's not a shard thing. He's there, inside my mind. Our souls are intertwined if that makes sense
yeah im going to use a bad analogy but what the heck its like if loki was an ocean and i am a bucket still the same stuff just less of it. Lokis with me to but im him so hes like my inner voice its me talking to myself

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