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Random things my headmates do when they front

Each of my headmates has their own personalities and quirks, which I will briefly explain.

Kirina (AKA Kiri or 'Rina) is the sass-master. She does the random hair flips and the raised-eyebrow-skeptical face.
Malina: Malina's bitchface is a classic, as is her sarcasm and borderline rude comments.
Marii: 3 words: Retarded Gacha Pose. The one where the character is in a deep, wide squat with their torso looking way shorter and fatter than it is. THAT ONE.
Redrift: Not present a lot, but he's the adventurist one who always runs on rocky trails because it's fun.
Mayonaka: Hides and decides not to talk, listens to sad songs on repeat.
Ravenna: Quoting random memes, books, or shows at any appropriate time.
Chikyu: Blushing and trying to hide, especially when the current love interest is around.


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