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Realizing I am Barn Owl Hearted

I've been wondering if I count as otherhearted, and after reading through the otherhearts forum it seems I am.

I have a deep spiritual connection to owls, especially barn owls.

The symbolism of barn owls is very important to me. It is very deep, and it is representative of me spiritually.

This is directly related to me being an angel. Barn owls are a part of my symbolism. I have barn owl wings (of course not physically), and as an angel I would take on the form of an owl. I have a particular sense of what I looked like in this form. I would usually appear as a pale barn owl. I was usually a British barn owl or something close, but it probably varied based on location.

Here are a few images that make me go !!!! :0 because it is familiar and right



It feels familiar and right to be an owl, but I do not feel like I am an owl. I don't feel like I have ever fully been an owl. So I don't entirely relate in the animal instincts, but I do relate to the way they move and fly. I understand being one, but only in form.

They often appear in my dreams (and in those dreams they represent me, in a way).

Barn owls in nature fascinate me. I love learning about them. I hope I can see one in person someday. It feels surreal to think about seeing one in person, because they don't look real.


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