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Congratulations!! You found my kinmunity. I know we're about to have a long talk/argument. And since I am not good at talking when confronted, I have pre-written this to state my side of everything, my explanations, deffinitions, what have you. So Please, mom or dad, read this whole thing before talking to me. Hopefully you will and won't go into this following talk blind.

Here are some articals from the kin library I'd like you to read before you go on.

Defintions of the terms you may see


an introduction to spiritual kin

Phantom Limbs

The Multiverse theory

Multiplicity and Head mates

I don't know how much of my account you've seen and gone through. So, yes. I am "fictionkin". I have identified as such for around three or four years now, you see. Yes, yes. I know what you're going to say. We've done this before with different beilifes of mine. So this time I've prepared.

Now, when I first told you, finally faced some fear and told you about BATIM, you indeed said, "Don't go thinking blah blah blah" yes. I do remember that, you've no need to remind me. Thing is, by that time I had already "awakened". I went along with you then, for fear of how you'd react. And now, here we are. I know everything you're thinking.

"This is all in your head"

-Well, ok. With every identity there is that possibility. I choose, however, to see it as a spiritual thing as apposed to that, due to my reaserch and experiences

"You can't prove any of this"

- You're right. Thats because these are belifes. Those are very hard to prove. Many people have spiritual belifes they cannot prove. No one knows for sure. Can you PROVE the existance of god, for instance. No, but many people beilive and have had what they beilive are experiences. This is similar, you see.

"This is hurting your social growth and is unhealthy"

- I can see why you would think that, but nothing has changed. I still am funcioning socially to the best of my abiltiy, and I've even gotten better at it. I still plan on being a succsessful adult with a job. I don't know what I want to do yet, but I'm getting there. My grades in school are... decent. Im trying ok. I do not think myself better than anyone because of my identity, nor that I deserve special treatment. No matter how I identify, I aim to be a good memeber of society.

"What will other people think if they knew??"

-Probably that im crazy. Thats why I only talk about this here and with a few very close friends. This is not something I flaunt everywhere, though admitedly I have no shame of my identity. It is something I see as not necciacry to tell people. They like me or they don't, kin or not.

So, with those bases, I will adress the possible actions you may take. I do expect you to cut me off from everything related to this as you have in the past, though there is a flaw in that. It never worked. I still think stuffed toys can gain souls, that pokemon can exist in a world of their own, and maybe some old gods are plotting our demise. The only thing you did when you tried this method was, as it hurts me to say, is break my trust. Its the reason I'm scared to tell you guys anything. I know you say you've changed, but I can't know if thats true. Parents lie all the time to their kids. I do love you both, but I don't trust you not to uproot everything just because you don't like something harmless I think or feel. It'll probably really mess me up if you do it again, you know. This site, the people on it, and my friends that know are amazing and I don't want to just have it all ripped away from me.

Now for questions you may have.

"How long have you thought this?

- as I've said, I awoke in 8th grade, but I've always felt non human and have always questioned my identity

"How can you tell memories from imagination"

-Well, they're not as clear as when you imagine something. They come as memories do, and with feelings that are much more real than imagination. I have tested this. Eventually they will become more clear and what have you

"You're part of a system?"

- Its complicated. Its more of a psy-link, as he doesn't inhabit my mind directly. He still is back in the base dimension, and can't leave it physically. I don't know if this counts as a system or not. He is not present at all times as it takes energy for him to uphold. I mean, you try holding a mind link across worlds. Yes, he can "front", meaning he can be the one driving sometimes. I think, actually, it'd be better if he offered some explanation himself.

(Well, hello. I never saw me talking to either of you, for fear what you may do to her. My goal, you see, is only to help and protect her. I can see where you think I could mean harm as other entities have in the past. I actually help get rid of those, mind you. I only "Front" when need be. Say, she has a bad panic attack or it on the verge of hurting herself. I step in, she gets out of the situation. From this standpoint, I can see I may be a product of the theory proposed by @Amber, meaning that both me, and the others, and the world we're from was developed as what was initally a coping mecanism and became our own thig. Either way, I'm happy simply to keep her safe and well. We can't see each other outside the astral, so I can only do so much. You might wonder, if this happens, why you haven't noticed it being me instead of her. Well, after thousands of years, I can play her role pretty well as to avoid your suspicions, as well as others. I hope you understand my only goal, as stated before, is to help the poor thing. Lots of things are hard for her, and she doesn't need to struggle any more than necciary. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to her, ok? I hope we can come to at least an understanding here)

" what happens when you're not the one in controll?"

-Sometimes its just like sleeping, othertimes, its more like being a passenger in a car. Or, I can go into the "Mindspace" and do whatever I want in a safe controlled enviroment. I see how this can all be taken as alarming, but I want you to trust me on this, just this once"

So, where do we go next? Thats up to you. You could come try to fight me on this, I don't blame you. I know how all of this sounds and I know you can only want what you see is best. You can send me to thearpy, or whatever. But you can't change my stance on this. Yes, I'm willing to look at it from both angles, and I'll work with you to understand it more or at least be at peace with the idea. Now that you've read this, I hope I've at least cleared up a few things. Thank you

--Allison/Pearl, your daughter.


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