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I often wonder if I'm a social creature or something more solitary.

On one side, I don't mind being alone. But I also need social interaction. These two are just very human needs, and refer to my interaction with humans, so I first assumed I was something solitary, but that human nature made me crave interaction.

But the more I think about it, it seems the idea of a communal roost is common in my nonhuman shifts. Especially in the past, I've found quite a few imaginary roosts I included myself in.

It also fits with things I used to do in minecraft, which is to nest in cliff sides for safety. These types of nests always felt safest for me.

So unsure. Maybe only during one part of the year?

(old blog. I'm probably not, however I may have had a wyvern past life that was, or at least relate to these wyverns in a way that make me understand human group instinct as such a thing)


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