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Second Infusion

Went in for my second infusion yesterday and it went well. My blood pressure did drop during the infusion this time although mostly it was skirting on the lower end of normal which they said isn't unusual for someone like me. It did drop down low a couple of times but seemed to raise again pretty quickly so they were just keeping an eye on it. I felt fine the whole way through though and fared better afterwards as well.
This time I only got a very mild headache and just felt a little sleepy. I did have a little trouble sleeping through the night again, although this time I did manage to sleep, it just took a few hours to fall asleep and then I woke up fairly early feeling restless (but tired, heh).
Today I am still feeling a bit fatigued, not really badly but enough to make me a little fuzzy headed and to make things like typing seem a big effort! Which is a shame because there are a few threads I want to reply to, but I suppose that can wait a day or two. But on the plus side my next infusion won't be for another 6 months, and hopefully things will go well between now and then.

Today I think I'll just take it easy and hopefully my energy levels will pick up tomorrow.


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